Fire Arts

Add some real heat to your event! Tim's fire performance combines the thrill and excitement of one of nature's most dangerous elements with the graceful control of a skilled professional. With more than 15 years of experience and training, Tim combines his passion for fire with his juggling and acrobatics to create a spectacle unlike any you've ever seen!

Fire entertainment is great for holiday festivals, corporate retreats, beach parties, wedding receptions, carnival days, private events and more.


Ambient Fire

Create an atmosphere of raw energy and dazzling excitement. Ambient fire vignettes add the perfect flair to any outdoor event.

One-Man Fire Show

Amaze your audience with a fiery showcase sure to leave them at the edge of their seats! Tim's fire show features his unique style of movement and acrobatics with amazing displays of fire manipulation choreographed to high-energy music, combining grace and beauty with raw danger and excitement.

Group Fire Show 

Want even more fire? Tim performs with a number of other highly-skilled professional fire artists to create a spectacular show that will knock your socks off. High-energy music and heart-pounding displays of daring and skill, this is one show you will never forget.

Amaze audiences of all ages -- dazzle them with fire.

Photo by Littlewing Studio Photography

LED & Glow Entertainment

Photo by Steve Wolkind

LED and Glow entertainment is a high-tech, high-energy way to light up any event! These props are illuminated to create spinning shapes and swirling patterns sure to mesmerize your guests. LED and glow entertainment is great for all ages. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, including night clubs, holiday festivals, wedding receptions, dance parties, corporate functions, sci-fi themes and more.


Ambient / Roving Glow

Brighten your event with light and wonder. Tim performs in and among the crowd, combining a dazzling light show with a personal feel.

LED Feature Act 

Add a moment of highlight to any event with a dazzling choreographed feature act. A great way to grab the attention of your guests and then give them something to talk about!

LED & Glow Show

A dazzling light show sure to brighten any event, featuring LED poi spinning and juggling. Get your audience involved with a volunteer act, too!

Brighten up your event with LED & Glow entertainment.

Circus and Juggling

Bring the fun and excitement of the circus to your next event! Tim's exciting style of juggling, acrobatics and audience participation brings the fun, excitement and danger of the circus to you. 

Circus and juggling entertainment is great for all ages. Perfect for fairs and festivals, family events, holiday parties, corporate events and more.


Ambient/Roving Juggling

Roving juggling and circus entertainment brings the fun right into the crowd. Tim interacts with guests while impressing them with juggling and other circus skills. Maybe they'll even learn to juggle themselves! 

Circus and Juggling Show

Tim combines laughter and fun with excitement and danger in this entertaining circus show, featuring amazing juggling, daring acrobatic stunts, audience volunteers and a thrilling finish! Sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

Group Circus and Juggling Show

Want to create a larger spectacle? Tim and his partners have been working together for almost a decade and have performed all over the country with this one-of-a-kind show featuring dazzling partner juggling, daring stunts, and audience participation. Great for audiences of all ages.

Bring the circus to your event!

Partner Acrobatics

Photo by Charles Jones Photography

Partner Acrobatics combines astonishing feats of strength with incredible grace and agility unlike anything you've ever seen. Tim and his acrobatic partners perform high-flying skills that are as improbable as they are breath-taking. 

Partner acrobatics are perfect for corporate functions, fairs and festivals, night club events, private parties and more.


Ambient/Roving Acrobatics

Impress your guests with the unexpected! Partner acrobats mingle with the crowd, surprising guests with amazing skills and moments of personal interaction.

Partner Acrobatics Feature Act

A breathtaking choreographed feature presentation that is sure to have your audience at the edge of their seats!

Circus and Acrobatics Show

Tim and his acrobatic partners put on a spectacular show that includes their astounding feature act, as well as other thrilling acrobatic stunts, audience participation, humor and excitement. This is one show you don't want to miss!

Partner Acrobatics combines amazing feats of strength, agility and beauty.

Event Entertainment

Tim pulls out all the stops to add flair and excitement to any event. From dazzling LED displays to astonishing partner acrobatics to the danger and excitement of fire performance, Tim can help pump up your crowd and leave them begging for more!

Pump up the crowd with something truly spectacular.

Do you want to see more? Check out photos and videos of Tim in action.